What is electronic music to you? Is it something that is stupid repetitive noise or is it something that is soothing to the mind and body?  How would you describe electronic music? It’s fast, noisy, cool, crazy, sensational, and whatever you feel at the moment of listening to it.  Electronic music has become the new music to enjoy.  The electronic scene is something we have just been exposed to, and have much to learn about. This genre is growing rapidly and becoming something of the future.   Electronic music has so many types of music and it keeps on growing. What is one reason on why it is very unique? Electronic its one of the only genresthat can be broken down and rebuilt and become a whole new style of electronic music.

The main reason for this website was to teach people about the history of electronic music, because very few people really don’t know about electronic music or know very little about it. I decided to make a website devoted to electronic music. I was one of those people who loves electronic music and all types of its genera’s, but knew very little about it.  I hope you learn or get somewhat of an idea of what electronic music is about.